Mare Nostrum is an ambient label, managed by Alex, alias Le Code, from France.

The label wants to mix ambient music with creative, original and quality visuals in order to transport the listeners into a unique and coherent universe.

The label has also created a podcast of ambient mixes, available on all platforms, and curates ambient playlists on different genres.


Le Code

Le Code

Le Code is a french Ambient and Electronic producer. He explores the emotional and meditative side of ambient music, creating soft atmospheres and atmospheric soundscapes with subtle synthesizer or piano sounds. Inspired by nature (especially water and the ocean), his tracks are ideal if you want to relax, sleep, meditate, read, write or think deeply.

After creating the Apnea Label and writing several tracks/EP in the deep/dub techno, he decided to erase the beats from his tracks, and to devote himself fully to ambient music.

In 2020, with his friend Anne « Absürda », he created the label Mare Nostrum Label Mare Nostrum Releases. Le Code also has other music projects: french podcast about ambient music with Ambient Daily. Melodic ambient with Belle Brume. Dark and drone ambient music with Extremis.

« Ambient music is now an integral part of my life: being naturally stressed and anxious, composing this kind of music helps me to « calm down » and to approach life in a simpler way and with less preconceived ideas. More than a passion, it has almost become a therapy. »

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