We are always looking for new music !

Please, submit tracks according in genres we are releasing usually (no EDM, techno, post-rock, etc.). We accept only unreleased stuff.

Want to submit for our compilations ? Follow this link.

For any other request than track submission, please write to us at contact@marenostrumlabel.com

  • The artist

  • Your release

  • Unreleased stuff only ! No bandcamp link, no public Soundcloud link, no Spotify link, etc !

  • By submitting this form, the artist confirms that he/she has the FULL copyright to all his/her music and that it contains NO licensed samples.

What we offer ?

  • We give the opportunity to the artists who wish to join us to release either single, EP or album. At the moment, we release one EP/LP per month, and 1 to 2 singles per month depending on the tracks we receive. Artists can also contribute to one of our 3 annual compilations.
  • The releases are only digital: people can find them on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms. Physical releases are envisaged in the medium-long term, depending on the development of the label.
  • We submit our releases to premium playlists via Submithub, depending on the style of the tracks.
  • It is possible for us to create a video to illustrate the monthly releases, at the artist’s request.
  • We sign a contract so that everything is clear between the two parties, including the split of royalties. Read the contract >
  • We try to form a community around the label: the artists meet in a private group on Facebook to exchange between them, propose collaborations, etc.